Danca Makezu’s SF Farewell Party


It was 3.5 years since we had been teaching Kizomba|Semba|Tarraxinha in the Bay Area.  We were sad to share that we moved out of the San Francisco Bay Area in October.

Our teaching had been fueled by a community of passionate & eager dancers who grew interested in the culture as much as the dance. We were truly grateful for all the support we got in the Bay Area including all dance teachers (of all dances), promoters, the students & friends who understood what we wanted: to connect a wonderful African culture/history to the music & dance that so many of you love.

Of course, we ended with a bang! What would our mega party be without the Lights Out experience?! One of the country’s best & a big supporter of Danca Makezu, DJ Guelas was in the house making feet go crazy with amazing music.

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