Kizomba Nation Project in Angola


In 2013, an initiative was launched to create a Kizomba Worldwide Platform. A co-venture between Semba Communicao & PMP events of Portugal was formed to promote kizomba in the world. The focus was based on right divulation & teaching of Kizomba by the Players involved who represented and came from roughly 12 countries from around the world.  Chalianna & Yair were selected as the only representatives of the US & the Americas.

Some of the initiatives were:

  • Create a group of international players (mainly kizomba dancers/teachers);
  • Travel to Angola in October 2013, all the players together, to learn more about the culture, the people and the dance.
  • Creation of a video tv program: going to festivals around the world, to collect images of the festivals to insert on the platform.

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